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  1. Awaken The Time

    Awaken The Time

    A Twisted Time Travel Action-adventure game has 3 Gameplay styles in one game : Samurai ,shooter,cyborg Travel in Time and discover the story-based of indie game Awaken The Time! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1283990/Awaken_The_Time/
  2. Library Spirit

    Library Spirit

    In the first act, you are a samurai that can wield multiple fighting styles: melee, archery, and magic. Genre: action, adventure, with RPG feel. Story-based where the character has to escape a maze with the help of a flying orb and has a lot of plot lines.
  3. Bullet car

    Bullet car

    Here the character will try to go back in time thinking that he is the same person from the past. Shooting through hordes of zombies and survivors, he will go further in the future.