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season 2

  1. xllYaZeRllx

    GET READY!!! Season 2 first trailer for The Witcher is coming Friday!

  2. xllYaZeRllx

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season Two download now live

    The download, which adds the new Zombies Outbreak mode to the game, began rolling out early this morning. It includes early access to the Death Machine scorestreak: A new title screen for Black Ops Cold War: Warzone has a new title screen, too, highlighting the arrival of cargo ship the...
  3. xllYaZeRllx

    New Season 2 teasers appear in Warzone’s Verdansk, hint at new Cold War map

    Teasers are appearing across Warzone’s Verdansk and Rebirth Island map, which could be hinting at the addition of Treyarch’s new Black Ops Cold War map. Today, February 11, 2021, players have discovered that in the Warzone Rumble playlist, a mysterious computer, or more specifically the Trials...