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warzone loadout

  1. xllYaZeRllx

    The best M13 Warzone loadout

    The best M13 Warzone loadout How to kit out your M13 in Warzone to maximise its potential There are a lot of great assault rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone but if you’re looking for something that doesn’t slow you down and fires fast, the M13 could be the AR...
  2. xllYaZeRllx

    The best FARA 83 Warzone loadout

    Can this rival the Kilo and the AMAX as Warzone's best AR? The FARA 83 joins the armoury as part of the Season 2 Battle Pass and will be unlocked at Tier 15. While the base gun is a powerful alternative to some of the best Warzone guns on the market, a new blueprint towards the end of the...
  3. xllYaZeRllx

    The best AUG Warzone loadout

    The heavy-hitting tactical rifle has burst onto the scene in Call of Duty: Warzone - here is the best AUG Warzone loadout The AUG we see in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is very much a different beast to the submachine gun iteration we saw in Modern Warfare. With high damage and only...